Finding The Path to Inner Peace-


If you’re here, whether intentional or synchronistic, you’re most likely seeking peace in some way. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, it all works together. That’s why I provide services to assist many aspects of healing, mindfulness, and self discovery. The journey to inner peace is beautiful, and just like nature itself, always changing. In my own journey I strive for the beauty of transformation everyday, to better fulfill my service, and pass that betterment on to those I feel so blessed to work with. I would be honored to assist you along your journey. If you have any questions or just want to chat, please reach out, the connection is gratefully welcomed.

Hope to see you soon,

Melissa Happel, CLMT, BCTMB 

Ekam Peace Keeper and Energy Point Holder-

We believe that World Peace is much more than conflict resolution. Peace is a state of consciousness that humanity as a whole has to enter in order to create a better world. This would be our next evolutionary leap. Without a peaceful consciousness, every form of advancement would eventually lead us to greater separation, division and conflict. A peaceful human being is a gift to his/her family, a powerful force for good in the world. 

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"I had the incredible honor of working with Melissa on bringing my body into a state of balance and harmony. Her knowledge of the human body and how it reacts to the experiences of life is incredible. Melissa’s ability to understand and explain our internal systems and how they play a part in healing our bodies has re-framed the way I am thinking of myself. My experience with Melissa was educational and mind altering, my favorite kind of learning 😁. If you are in the area please go see her! She is kind and smart and very gifted in her work. Thanks Melissa for all you’ve given me!" -Rachel R.

Service: 90 minute Therapeutic Massage  + Bodywork