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Melissa began her consciousness journey in 2011. In 2013 she received the Hayagriva transmission from Ven. Lama Jigme Rinpoche, whom received the transmission directly from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In 2015 she received the Shatipat transmission from Swami Nardanand, a blessing with lineage over 800 years. Both transmissions are very special. They are given to help the Sadha (seeker) obtain realization through meditation. Melissa is initiated as a Oneness Peace Deeksha Blessing Giver and Peace Keeper, and offers this blessing to anyone whom is seeking realization and peace. She is trained in many variations and styles of meditation.



Find the meditation style that best suits your needs. 

Sessions are 45 minutes and available as often as you need. Schedule your first session to discuss intentions and start meditating with Melissa.

Chairs, pillows, and blankets provided. Bring whatever you need to be comfortable. 

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Did you know proper breathing can increase energy levels and decrease muscle pain and soreness? Breath also increases blood flow, lymph drainage, and aids in healthy digestion. It can help you lose weight, strengthen core muscles, adjust posture long-term, and reduce stress levels by engaging the para-sympathetic nervous system! Wow, that's a lot of benefits for something so simple!

You're probably asking, Do I need breath therapy?

First let's check your breath.

Take A Deep Breath In. Exhale. Now do it again, but this time pay attention to the movement in your ribcage. DID YOUR RIB CAGE MOVE UP TOWARDS YOUR SHOULDERS ON THE INHALE? If so, breath therapy is right for you. When the ribcage moves upwards with breath, the body is not utilizing the function of the Thoracic Diaphragm - the muscle in the body specifically designed for breathing! There are a number of reasons why the TD stops moving, like, postural changes from walking on flat surfaces, sucking in the gut, and sitting for long hours, or high stress levels.

When the body stops utilizing the TD for breath, it needs to use a back-up system. This back-up system is a kinetic chain of 14 different muscles in the ribs, back, shoulders, neck, and head. THAT'S 13 EXTRA MUSCLES EXPANDING AND CONTRACTING WITH EACH BREATH! Imagine how much energy supply that takes from the body, and how much extra strain it causes to the upper body...

The biggest muscles effected by chest breathing are the scalenes, SCM, and levator scapula. These muscles attach from the jaw to the top of the rib cage, cover the back and top of the head, and connect the top of the shoulder blade to the back of the skull. Hmm, Do you have difficulty turning your neck, get tension headaches, or have constant shoulder pain? Then breath therapy is absolutely right for you!

About this meditation -

During this One hour experience, Melissa will guide you through health education, meditation, and exercises to help your breath function its best! This simple adjustment in the body can be LIFE CHANGING. 

This experience may either be laying down or sitting, and can be adjusted to meet your individual needs.

Chairs, pillows, and blankets provided. Bring whatever you need to be comfortable.  

More information coming soon

WALKING MEDITATION @ Fabyan Forest Preserve | Geneva - $5

Walking for the body. Meditation for the mind. Nature for the Soul

Join Melissa for one hour of whole body benefits - boosting health, clearing the mind, and taking in the medicine of nature

Walking is essential to a healthy immune system. The lymphatic system, responsible for eliminating toxins and waste product from the body,  primarily  functions to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump. Instead, its movement depends on muscle and joint movement. If we become sedentary, lymph fluid stagnates and the processes essential to waste elimination and immunity weaken. But, by intelligent design, the propulsion of the arms and legs while walking is the perfect movement to assist lymphatic fluid movement! 

"Walking is one of man's best medicines." Hippocrates

Every Third Saturday of the Month @ 9:30am

We will meet at the Fabyan FP Japanese Garden at 9:30 for introductions, light stretching, and breathing exercise, then begin our 45 minute walking meditation at 9:45.



Hello Beautiful Mamas, Mamas to-be, and anyone wanting to assist a Mama during this beautiful time of creation! This meditation space is just for you, and the new babies of this world. This meditation is all about learning to  B R E A T H E  even in times of .. stress. In this space we welcome relaxation, peace, and a calming atmosphere while knowing, life with an infant never works out as planned. 

The intention for this 1 hour and 15 minute meditation is connection, relaxation, support, breath work, education, and learning how to utilize meditation in pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labor, and new parenting.

Infants welcome!

Anti-gravity chairs, pillows, and blankets provided. Bring whatever you need to be comfortable. 

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Kids of all ages welcome!

Chairs, pillows, and blankets provided. Bring whatever you need to be comfortable. 

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World Peace starts with Inner Peace.

Oneness Deeksha is a blessing for consciousness. Through expanded consciousness we can find inner truth, integrity, and authenticity, become aware of our own individuality connected to the whole, and align with the greater good of all - and this is what ultimately brings us peace. Peace in ourselves, our family, our community, our countries, our world.

Please join me for relaxing guided meditation and this very special blessing for the awakening of humanity into Peace. 

This is a donation event.

Reserve your spot by booking online or connect with Melissa on facebook for event listings. No rsvp necessary.  

Every 3rd Friday @7pm

This is a sitting experience -

chairs, pillows, and blankets provided. Bring whatever you need to be comfortable.

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"I haven't slept so well!! I'm serious these past weeks I have not been sleeping and last night I swear I felt like I was sleeping forever!! Thank you Melissa!!" Joan C.

Service: Guided Meditation + Deeksha Oneness Blessing


Melissa provides donation based services and is devout to giving exceptional care. She often provides additional services at no additional cost. If you would like to share your gratitude to Melissa directly, please click "make a donation" below, and you will be guided to paypal. 

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