Melissa here! Everyday I feel honored and grateful to give service on this beautiful journey, discovering my own peace while helping and assisting others discover theirs. The passion for my work is abundant and fulfilling. I LOVE what I do. On my own journey, I have learned so much about the balance of give and take. At times we must rely on the assistance of others, and at times we must be the one others rely on.  

That's why I've created this page! These giveaways further fuel my passion and love for this service, and come from the gratitude of my heart. While these giveaways are open to all, I request that if you currently have the abundance to purchase a service to do so and leave the giveaways to those whom are receiving assistance at this time. 

If you are receiving a giveaway, I request that you return the energy by giving to another with whatever fuels your own passion, and do so with gratitude in your heart!

Much Love to All! Peace + Blessings,



here's how it works


Below you'll find the link to a featured service, with this image, labeled "GIVEAWAY"

These services are listed at random times. There may only be one, but sometimes there may be more. Once the giveaway has been taken, it will be labeled "sold out". If you missed your chance to grab a free giveaway, check back later! Or, follow Melissa on facebook to receive updates on newly posted giveaways. These typically go fast, so opt to receive page notifications and be the first to know!  


Melissa provides donation based services and is devout to giving exceptional care. She often provides additional services at no additional cost. If you would like to share your gratitude to Melissa directly, please click "make a donation" below, and you will be guided to paypal. 

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